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Ceramic and Stone Tile Surface Repairs

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Ceramic and Stone Tile
Surface Repairs

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Floor and Wall Ceramic and Stone Tiles often require Cosmetic Surface Repairs as they endure a lot of wear and tear which means that they are susceptible damages such as cracks, chips, scratches, burns and much more. EHK Surface Repairs are perfectly suited to deal with these problems as we can fill, colour and pattern match existing surfaces on-site ensuring that a replacement isn’t needed. Cracks, chips and drill holes in tiles are unsightly and can pose a health risk. Our repair techniques overcome this, creating a indistinguishable and carefully matched finish EHK Surface Repairs don’t just repair tiles and ceramics, we can work on practically any hard surface such as stone repair, marble repair and granite repair.

EHK Surface Repairs can offer stunning Surface Repairs and restoration to virtually any Ceramic or Stone hard surface or flooring. If you would like to find out more please call and ask for a FREE consultation and quotation.

 Ceramic Tile Surface Repairs, Porcelain Tiles & Quarry Tiles repaired | Cosmetic Surface Repairs to stone Hearths, Fire surrounds and Fireplaces | Worktop and Counter Surface Repairs chips, Stains cracks to all colours
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Emma has been in the trade for well over twenty years and during this time she come to understand that when a surface has been damaged in some way the only choice many people have is to replace the surface in its entirety, which often means dealing with a lot of hassle, multiple tradesmen and ultimately a lot of money.

EHK surface Repairs was created to offer a better alternative to national expensive pricing due to the areas they have to cover. With recent advancements in technology Emma has the ability to offer stunning repair and restorations to virtually any hard surface. She can now offer a more convenient and cost-effective approach to damaged surfaces by working on restoring an existing surface back to its former glory. This allows us to offer massive savings over traditional replacement methods as well as drastically cutting down the time needed to deal with repairs of a similar nature.

Surface Repairs for Devon and Cornwall

Just a few of the Surface Repairs we offer

EHK Surface Repairs are experts in specialist damage repair to all types of worktop and kitchen cupboard doors/carcasses, stainless steel hobs, sinks, extractor hoods, plastic and metal baths, shower trays, windows, radiators, timber and laminate floors, granite, marble, ceramic and porcelain tiles, bathroom suites, staircases, fireplaces, meter boxes, GRP, UPVC, garage doors and metal faced external doors, canopies, stonework and so much more .......

  • Baths, Sinks, Shower Trays Surface Repairs ~ chips, cracks, scratches
  • Kitchen Worktops, Doors, Kitchen Units, Tile and Floor Surface Repairs
  • Commercial Surface Repairs from manufactures to office & Retail
  • Ceramic Tile Surface Repairs, Porcelain Tiles & Quarry Tiles repaired
  • Canopies - grp repairs, plastic repairs, chips, cracks to all colours
  • Memorials & Plaques chipped, scratches, cracked or discoloured
  • Furniture - any furniture can be repaired, chipped, scratches, cracked
  • External Doors - grp repairs, cracked frames and panels, gouges, cuts
  • Fireplaces - chips and cracks to any stone fireplace, staining
  • Refurbishment of Old uPVC - discolouration repaired, dirty frames, polishing
  • Doors - repair to cracks, scratches, chips and dents
  • Stainless Steel Surface Repairs can remove scratches and small dents
  • Veneers and Laminates, Floors and all Surfaces dents, scratches, stains
  • Worktop and Counter Surface Repairs chips, Stains cracks to all colours
  • Cosmetic Surface Repairs to stone Hearths, Fire surrounds and Fireplaces
  • Garage Door Surface Repairs